The Style of Sonny Stitt-Blues in D Lesson 3



This is a new series of lessons based off of a great solo by Sonny Stitt over a blues in D for the tenor saxophone. The tune is called “Sonny’s Tune” and can be found on youtube if you do a search for it. This is a terrific blues solo and is filled with all sorts of classic blues licks as well as killin’ bebop lines that are worth adding to your jazz vocabulary!

In this series of lessons, I show you how to work with a great transcription like this so that you can get the most out of it and utilize the lines and ideas in your own playing. I include the 12 chorus transcription with the lessons as well as a slower play along to practice to as you work on many of the concepts taught in the lesson. I analyze different aspects of the solo and demonstrate how to best practice them with the soprano saxophone. (34 Minute Video Lesson, 12 chorus solo transcription in Bb and C, Blues playalong to practice to)


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