The Style of Michael Brecker-Lesson 2

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In this lesson I talk about 7 Michael Brecker type lines that he would use on a minor chord.  I have taken the lines from different solos of his and transposed them to the key of E minor.  Michael Brecker had a playing style that was so hip.  He  would play these intense lines that would weave in and out of the tonality and really catch your attention.   These 7 lines are based off of the Dorian mode  but sound much hipper than typical dorian mode patterns.  As I play through these lines with a backing track I talk about how I think about the lines and the thought process I go through to try to learn from Brecker’s recording.  I show you what kind of things I do to figure out the thinking behind the lines and how I try to take that and then create my own lines.  I play the examples from the E minor PDF  on tenor sax.  I hope this lesson will help you get a little bit closer to playing those Brecker type lines that were and are so hip.  (32 minute video,audio and PDF)

2 reviews for The Style of Michael Brecker-Lesson 2

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    To be honest, I really was expecting something different than what this lesson outlined. I thought Steve would have four or five of Breckers greatest licks and then tell me to transpose them to all the keys. But what Steve did that I didn’t expect was to talk about how Brecker thought and and the harmonic implications of his lines. Good stuff, Steve. Lots to work on , thanks K

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    This is a great concept lesson that really opened doors for me; I’ll be working on this for some time. Funny thing is; I don’t sound much like Brecker when I work on this (that’s fine); too many cats sound like Brecker IMHO), but the stuff I’m getting is fresh. I love these kind of conceptual things Steve; I’m also playing the altered pentatonics all the time. Thanks!


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