The Style of Charlie Parker-Cherokee Part 1



Charlie Parker, Bird.  Every sax player should know that name!  He was one of the greatest saxophone players of all time.  He transformed jazz in his day.  If you took a poll of sax players on who were the greatest sax players to ever live………… Charlie Parker would be at the top of that list.

This lesson is an in depth look at one of my favorite “Bird” solos of all time.
In this video lesson, I take you through a solo on Cherokee that Curtis at It is from a recording called “Trio in 41 or 42”.

You can hear the pure genius of Parker in this recording. The angular bebop lines, the connected ideas, the great melodies, the intense swing feel, the tensions and resolutions and that beautiful “Bird” sound.

As I work through the solo, I give you some tips and pointers on how to best analyze his playing as well as implement his ideas into your own playing. I talk about the importance of listening to Parker and really copying his style, sound and energy.

To get the most from this lesson you will need to get the transcription from  It is called Cherokee and is item number 285.  It is from the recording “Trio in 41 or 42” as well as the recording of Bird playing this.  It is on “The Charlie Parker Story (Disc 2) and is called Cherokee. (35 Minute Video Lesson)


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