The Style of Charlie Parker-Blues Soloing

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Charlie Parker, Bird.  Every sax player should know that name!  He was one of the greatest saxophone players of all time.  He transformed jazz in his day.  If you took a poll of sax players on who was the greatest sax player to ever live………… Charlie Parker would be at the top of that list.

When I was in high school, one of my first jazz books  I studied out of was the Omnibook.  I was in way over my head but for 3-4 years I practiced out of that book diligently. At first I had no idea why these lines and melodies sounded so good but over time I grew to love and appreciate the complexity and beauty of Birds lines.

In this video lesson, I teach you how to take Bird licks from “Nows the Time” 1 and 2 and “Billies Bounce” and use them in your blues soloing.  It is a simple concept but not enough students internalize these great licks so that they can use them in their own playing.

Just by getting a few of these killer blues licks down, you can really transform you soloing over the blues.  The concepts I talk about in this lesson can be used with any blues solo that you want to work on.

To get the most from this lesson you will need to get the Charlie Parker Omnibook as well as an original recording of Nows the Time and Billies Bounce to work with. (31 Minute Video Lesson)

2 reviews for The Style of Charlie Parker-Blues Soloing

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    David Machin (verified owner)

    As usual, amazing stuff. Steve pulls a few licks from a Parker solo. He then shows how to use them over a blues. He just shows what you can do with a few great ideas. I like how he just keeps it clear and simple. My guess is you would not have to be a very advanced player just get one or two of these licks under control and then use them. I never knew how to use these Parker solos in my own playing. I certainly know where to start now.

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    Dietmar Floegel (verified owner)

    really this is a great lesson to study Charlie parker licks and apply them to a blues playalong. Especially i like your alto playing very much, your phrasing and articulation and your raw alto tone.You have this Charlie Parker moment in your Sound which is not so easy to find. i bought a halleonard Charlie parker playalong book, the Saxophone Player plays Parker like smooth jazz, that sounds so intimidating.

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