Shaping Your Sound Lesson



This is one of my conceptual lessons that I give to almost every student I have had at one time or another.

When beginning students learn to play the saxophone, they learn how to blow their air and make a sound on the saxophone.  They learn how to play songs. At some point in their progress, at some point in there journey, a transition has to be made from just playing notes to playing music.  Music with maturity, expression, emotions and passion.

Teaching these concepts goes beyond rules and steps.  You have to learn to feel these things and express these elements in your own playing. Some unique and rare players can stumble onto these things on their own but most of us must learn these things through imitation.

In this lesson I talk about the best way to learn these things and how I went about implementing these elements in my own musical journey. I demonstrate some expressive devices on “My One and Only Love” and talk about the different elements I use to express myself on that tune. I also teach you how to learn these elements yourself by the act of slowing down and really listening and learning to imitate small sections of a line.  (33 Minute Video Lesson)


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