The Art of Saxophone Vibrato Lesson

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In this lesson I talk about the art of vibrato.  How to create it and then how to use it in an expressive and tasteful way.  I take you through some different ways to practice it and talk about the best ways to apply to color your base tone.  I also talk about the dangers of over using it and how to avoid that. (Video & Audio)

4 reviews for The Art of Saxophone Vibrato Lesson

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    Miguel Hernandez

    I just purchased this lesson yesterday, and I worked at the first try ! Of course, I know I have to keep practicing more and more.

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    donnersm (verified owner)

    There are many Youtube video’s available to tell you about Vibrato. But I was looking for a more personal approach. I found it with this video. Thanks Steve!

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    Aria (verified owner)

    Steve’s lessons are always insightful and informative. This video on vibrato was very helpful for me and demonstrated the controlled practice of this technique will add another colour to my paintbox.

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    Dave C. (verified owner)

    I think that a subtle well-placed vibrato is one of the real distinctions between sax players. I once read “If someone compliments you on your vibrato, you’re using too vibrato.” Just starting to work on this skill, and I found the lesson to be really useful. Also, by trying to play along with Steve, I found a bonus in a little ear training as well. Glad I found this lesson!

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