Practicing Tunes in Other Keys Lesson



Playing jazz standards in multiple keys is one of the hardest things a young improviser has to do.  I think every jazz student has a life lesson on this at one time or another.   I have had many experiences where a tune has been called and then when I go to play I realize it is in a different key than I had worked on it.  This can be an embarrassing situation if you are not prepared for it…………

In this lesson, I take you through the process I go through to play a tune in a different key.  The tune I am using as an example is “It Could Happen To You”.

I take you through my thought process as I try to navigate the melody and changes in a bunch of different keys.

If you have done the work in  the “Tune of the week-It Could Happen To You”  Lesson then this lesson will be a lot easier for you.  I take you through the same concepts covered in that lesson and talk about how I apply them to different keys.

This lesson is demonstrated on the tenor saxophone and I provide PDFs of the changes to “It Could Happen To You” for C,Bb and Eb instruments. (28 Minute Video Lesson)


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