Playing Outside-NEW Altered Pentatonics Lesson 2



In this lesson, we are taking a more in-depth look at the use of altered pentatonics to play “outside” a key center.   I made a lesson many years ago that was called “Playing Outside-Altered Pentatonic-One Degree of Separation” that looked at 5 altered pentatonic scales and how we could use them to play “Outside” on a minor tonality.

In this series of lessons, we take another look at those 5 original altered pentatonics but also look at 7 more altered pentatonics.  I demonstrate using them over a groove in D minor (C concert) as I apply the altered pentatonics to them on the soprano saxophone.  I teach you the importance of getting the scales down but also of hearing the altered notes and how they sound against the minor chords. I teach how to resolve the notes and demonstrate weaving back and forth between the altered pentatonic scale and the home base scale of D minor pentatonic.  

This is a great lesson if you struggle with adding variety and “outside” lines to your favorite minor grooves. Mastering these altered pentatonics will give you access to a range of sounds that will make other musicians ask what you were playing and thinking on your last solo……..

(Video Lesson, PDF of two altered pentatonic patterns in D minor)


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