Playing on Pop Tunes Lesson 1



This is a unique lesson I video taped for a member on my site.  It is pretty specific but in the end I thought it would have value for some of you who would like to learn how I approach playing over some pop tunes.

In this lesson, I talk about how and what I would play over the tune “Misery” by Maroon 5.   The member of my site has a gig coming up and he was not sure what or where to play over this tune.

I use a bootleg recording of his band to play over and talk about different aspects of soloing.

-How to figure out the key

-Listening for the bass notes as a clue to the progression

-Soloing sensitively during the vocals

-Where to take a solo and what to do with the energy level

How to keep the energy high at the end of the tune.

This lesson is done with the alto saxophone. (28 minute video)


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