Authentic R&B and Funk Lesson

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This is an introductory video on tips that I teach on playing in the R&B and Funk styles of music.  These style of music are some of the funnest to play over.  Usually,  they have a simple groove that centers around one key.  Playing a solo in one key and over one groove requires some creativity as you have to come up with some interesting and creative things to play.  I love gigs like this because I can do so much with the rhythms, alternate fingerings, altissimo register and energy of the solo.  There’s is nothing better than a high energy wailing sax solo to get the crowd going crazy!

In this video lesson on Funk and R&B sax soloing I teach you about the concepts that go into my playing when I’m playing in this style.  100% full air support,  playing with power and energy, stylistic vibrato, growling, embouchure formation,  proper tonguing of staccato and accented notes, bending notes and the use of the altissimo register.If you want to get into this style of playing this is a great lesson to  give you some tips on how to play in this style.  (Video Lesson)

2 reviews for Authentic R&B and Funk Lesson

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    Frank (verified owner)

    just wanted to drop you a note on your R&B/Funk lesson. I really enjoyed it. I’m going to pass this along to my students who are into this style. You presented the material very,very well and articulated how some of these effects and sounds are produced. I like how you emphasized “feeling” the style. That’s really hard to teach to a HS student.
    As always, love your lessons
    Frank Zona
    El Paso, TX

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    donnersm (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this lesson. Some material was old to me but a lot of it was usefull. It keeps me busy, I am still using it! This one lesson gave me material for a few weeks practice. Nice!

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