Minor Triad Salsa Lesson

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This is a great lesson for those of you who have to work on your minor triads more. In this lesson I take you through a common Salsa progression and it’s variation as a way work on your triads. I also talk about the art of practicing these progressions and getting the most out of them. I demonstrate all examples on my tenor sax. This lesson also comes with a pdf sheet outlining the practice progression as well as an audio version for those of you who want it.  (Video & Audio)


1 review for Minor Triad Salsa Lesson

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    This is a fantastic lesson that is a in the same theme as the triad samba, similar but definitely not the same, it brings forward a simple progression based on the minor triad. I would say for anyone needing to work on triads that this is an essential lesson as it stimulates different ideas about developing triads in an interesting way that could provide a fundamental and very pleasant addition to your practice. Thanks Steve!

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