Really Knowing Your Chords Lesson

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In this lesson I talk about different learning paths to learning chords. I talk about why it’s so important to have immediate recall of the chords and different tips to memorize the chords and all their inversions. I talk about the learning through finger memory as opposed to memorizing the chords using different tools such as flash cards. This is a great lesson for those of you that are struggling to learn your chords and remember all the notes.  (Video and Audio)

4 reviews for Really Knowing Your Chords Lesson

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    This lesson is a fundamental learning tool which highlights the importance of knowing your chords thoroughly with rapid recall. Steve places so much emphasis on this aspect of your practice it is very difficult to ignore and the lesson contains loads of information in an effort to get this concept across. I continue to use the flashcard system Steve talks about and additionally I have found that this lesson is a crucial link to making the most of all the other lessons I have purchased.

    Kindest Regards Stephen (selmerc*)

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    Mike Teagan

    I’m a 44 year old English teacher living in the South of France, who desperately wants to play the sax and improvise. Looking through google found this lesson, bought it, listened to it, and although there isn’t masses of information there is a concept well worth the $9.99 I paid for. No I’m about to dash off and do what Steve Neff just motivated me to do.. and I know I’ll succeed and I know whats expected of me, when someone says “Do you know your chords?” Thanks Steve.

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    vinzenzo1 (verified owner)

    I aM SO GRATEFUL that I found your site and that I just did not find a site that just shows me how to play a Melody. Because how can I play a melody when I do not “Really know my Chords” Being New , I realize I do not even know my Chords . Flash cards. I grew up on but never thought of using this system. And I don’t care what people think I am going to get this down. Vinny

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    Richard Machin

    An additional thing — there is actually a lot of pleasure to be had in slowly mastering these fundamentals. I’m a subscriber, and there are many great lessons, but this one is a classic. My sax teacher used to occasionally out of the blue ask me to play a scale or arpeggio and not so much chide me, as just raise his eyebrow slightly if I didn’t nail it. In this video, Steve becomes that Jimminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder checking every so often – do you know that or not?

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