Dominant 7 Sharp 5 Lesson



In this lesson, we are taking a look at the dominant 7 #5 chord and what scales and concept we can use on this chord. The dominant 7 #5 chord is one of those chords that younger players dread because they don’t know what to play on it. In this lesson, I give you three options to choose from over this chord sound.

I have included a playalong track that has 4 bars of each of the 12 dominant 7 #5 chords in it. I have also included a PDF of the progression with the three scale choices written out in all 12 keys. I demonstrate the different approaches to this chord on the soprano saxophone and give tips on how to think about these chords and the scales you can use on them (41 Minute Video Lesson, Playalong track in all 12 keys, Complete PDF of playalong track chords and scales in all keys)


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