Dominant 7th Chord Lesson



In this lesson I introduce you to the dominant seventh chord.  If  you have worked on your major scales, major triads and minor triads then this is a great next lesson for you.  If you’ve ever listened to a blues, then you have heard the sound of a dominant seventh chord.  It is a chord made up of the 1,3,5 and b7 and has a very jazzy and bluesy sound to it.  This is a fundamental lesson that you must get down and master.  If you’ve listened to my lesson on “Really Knowing Your Chords” then you will already know the importance of memorizing these dominant chords and getting them under your fingers.

In this lesson I teach what the dominant 7th chord is, how to create it and what it sounds like.  I demonstrate the sounds on piano as well as on the tenor saxophone.  Included in this lesson is a pdf with five exercises on it that will help you master the dominant 7th chords in every inversion.  I talk in depth about how to practice these chords and get the most out of your practice sessions.  Have fun mastering one of the most common chords in jazz!  (29 Minute Video Lesson)


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