Mastering the Circle of 5ths Lesson 1

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In this lesson, I teach you about the importance of mastering the circle of 5ths. I describe what it is and give you tips and insights on how to memorize it and practice it.  This a very important lesson to learn because it will make it so much easier to learn chord progression and also to hear them while playing. This is Lesson 1 which deals with just the basic circle of 5ths progression.  In Lesson 2 and forward I will be dealing with alterations to the progression that when mastered, will further help you to recognize those chord progression in the jazz standards.(Audio & Video)

1 review for Mastering the Circle of 5ths Lesson 1

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    After all these years, no one told me why learn the Circle of 5th’s. Just learn it. Steve sets it out so well. I looked at a standard tune that I have been practicing. Well what do you know…”The Circle of 5th’s”. If I only had known. Thanks Steve!

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