Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 2 Lesson 1-5 Funk Tenor Sax Series Deal 19.99

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The blues scale is one of the most important scales you can learn as an improviser.  There is so much history and feeling to it that when you play a great blues lick nothing is better.

In this series of video lessons, I play through all 127 blues licks over C7 from my book “Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 2-Dominants” on the tenor saxophone.

I have been asked by a number of members on my site if I could provide some video lessons on how I would use the blues licks in Volume 2 over a funk or smooth jazz groove.  These 5 lessons are on that type of groove.

In lesson 1-5, I take you through all the blues licks in the book.  I demonstrate the licks to a background track I composed that has a funky smooth jazz feel to it.

I demonstrate how to play the licks the way they are written and then how to change them and manipulate them to fit the funk groove of the song.

The power of these licks is realized once they are memorized and internalized.  You must play them enough that you can change them in the moment to fit the sound and feel that you want.  I demonstrate this concept for you on each lick.

To get the most out of these lessons, you will need the book “Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 2-Dominants” to follow along with the video.

I provide a play along in Bb concert that you can play with as well. (5 30-35 Minute Video Lessons & Play Along)

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