Cool A7 Altissimo Blues Licks Lesson



In “Cool A7 Altissimo Blues Lines Lesson”, I show you some great altissimo lines that are from my book “Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 2-Dominant Chords”

I went through the A7 section of my book and picked out lines that I thought were the best for altissimo work for funk or Rock saxophone playing.

Although, these lines can be hard and require some practicing, they are worth mastering and they can really add new life and energy to your solos.

I demonstrate all the lines on the tenor saxophone and talk about the best fingerings I use and how I go about practicing these types of lines. You will need “Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 2” to get the most out of this lesson as the examples being played are taken from that book. (36 Minute Video Lesson)


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