Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 1 Lesson-Alto Sax



The blues scale is one of the most important scales you can learn as an improviser.  There is so much history and feeling to it that when you play a great blues lick nothing is better.

In this video lesson, I play through all one hundred blues licks from my book “Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 1”.  All the licks are written out in the book in all 12 keys.  For this lesson I play them for you in the E minor key to a E minor blues so you can hear how they sound.

I try to play them loosely and fluidly so that you can hear some different options that you can use with the blues licks.

My goal in playing these for you is to help you to hear how they sound but also to give you some rhythmic alternatives while playing them.  I play all 100 patterns multiple times on the alto sax.

To get the most out of this lesson, I recommend that you get my “Mastering the Blues Scale Vol. 1” book as well as Jamey Aebersold Volume 57 “Minor Blues in all Keys”.

Have fun mastering the blues scale…………do not forget to practice them in all 12 keys! (35 Minute Video Lesson)


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