Tenor Blues Scales-Trading 2’s Lesson 1



One of the things I do most often with students is to trade two’s.  Trading two’s means that one person plays for 2 measures and then the next person plays.  They go back and forth and play off of each others ideas.  This is a great way for a teacher to interact with a student.  By trading two’s there are a number of things that are being worked on and improved:

1.You are improving your sense of time and phrasing by playing in 2 measure phrases.

2. You are improving your ear by trying to play what you hear the other player playing.

3. You are improving your use of the sale or progression you are playing over

4. You are learning to stylistically copy the other player as they play.

In this lesson I teach you about the concept and play 2 measure phrases using the D blues scale. After each phrase or idea I leave two measures for you to play.  These lessons can be used over and over again and will help you immensely in the areas above.(Audio,Video & PDF)


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