Mastering the Bebop Scale Review-Blues in All Keys Lesson 1

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This is a new lesson series that I’m working on to review all the elements of the “Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale Lesson Series” within a standard Blues progression. The goal of this series is to give a student a comprehensive way to review all that they have learned from my “Mastering the Dominant Bebop Scale” book and lesson series. We will be playing all the bebop scales to a simple 12 bar blues form that travels through all 12 keys. In future lessons we will also be using multiple bebop links as well as various resolution links to navigate through the blues progression in a cool way.

Using the blues in all 12 keys is a great way to master and review the elements of the bebop scale but also to master the form of the blues in all 12 keys. Review is so important to learning and retaining a concept that I thought it was important to give a follow up series for that purpose. This series is not for beginner players or those new to the bebop scale but for those who have worked through my book and already mastered many of the elements. This is a terrific way to further your mastery of the bebop scale concept as well as improving your technique and facility on your instrument.

In lesson 1, we are focusing on just playing the bebop scales to the blues progression by starting on the different chord tones. I show you how to vary your lines rhythmically and also how to make the exercises more simple or harder just by slowing down or speeding up your lines. As a side benefit, when you are done with this series, you will definitely have your standard blues progression down! The lesson comes with a play-along blues progression that travels through all 12 keys one chorus at a time. I have also provided a PDF of the progression to look at for Bb,Eb and C instruments if you need to. I demonstrate the different concepts with the play-along with my alto saxophone. (32 Minute Video Lesson, Blues in 12 keys play along, PDF of blues changes for C,Eb and Bb Instruments)

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    Andy Geiger

    Dear Steve,

    I signed up for the gold coupon discount lesson series, and watched my first two today: Bebop Scales on the Blues and “Softly As In A Morning Sunrise”. I enjoyed both of them, and had a two hour blowing session learning “Softly…”. I know these lessons are going to be a big jump opportunity for me, especially if I practice!

    I am retired, and my passion is playing my tenor. I live in the country, so playing opportunities are slim, but I’m working on it.

    Thanks for the wonderful website and the great lessons.

    Andy Geiger

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