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Take your Blues to the next level! If you’ve been following my previous blues lessons and want to take it to the next level, or perhaps you can already play the basic blues and you want to learn how to get those great jazz sounds you hear when players like John Coltrane, Hank Mobley, Phil Woods and Sonny Rollins play the Blues, “Jazz Blues-The Next Step” will show you how to step up your Blues playing and start playing the Blues the way the jazz masters do.

You’ll learn the chords jazz players use over basic twelve bar blues progression and how you can use those simple chord tones to play a great jazz solo. I teach you each chord of the progression and demonstrate how to play it over the jazz blues progression and also how to practice it so that your playing becomes more relaxed and natural sounding.
As you learn the chords I demonstrate how you can highlight the different notes of each chord rather than just using blues scales. You learn how to make the changes the way the jazz masters do!
I show you how to use the defining notes of the chord, to really outline the changes and how to make smooth transitions from one chord to the next.
I also demonstrate and explain using the Flat 9 of the chord. Not only do I explain how to use the Flat 9, but I demonstrate it and teach you how to hear it, use it, and resolve it. The Flat 9 was a favorite of Charlie Parker and other great Jazz blues players. Learning to hear, play and use this note in your solos, is a great first step towards learning to use all those alterations and color tones that will make your playing sound more hip and modern.

Listen as I teach these concepts in exactly the same manner as if you were one of my own students sitting in the studio next to me. You’ll hear me explain each of these concepts in detail as I play each idea on the Tenor Saxophone.

These are the blues changes you’ll encounter most commonly on gigs and at jam sessions. Playing these jazz blues will teach you to play such common jazz changes as the basic “turnaround progression” that is found in just about every standard tune. Learning and playing these jazz blues changes and chord alterations over the familiar blues form, is a great way to become acquainted with the concepts and chord progressions you’ll encounter time and time again as you progress to studying the standard jazz repertoire.
I present and demonstrate these ideas in such a way that even if you’ve never played jazz changes before, you’ll very soon be playing comfortably over the jazz blues and making the changes.
Take that next step and start playing the Blues the way the great Jazz players do.  (Audio)

2 reviews for Jazz Blues-The Next Step Lesson

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    Sneeky Jones

    If you like playing the blues, then you simply cannot afford to pass this lesson up. Neff demonstrates how to incorporate the b9, as well as more colorful chordal arrangements that are commonly used in sit ins and jam sessions. Combining the knowledge of all 4 blues lessons with the Abersold Dom. 7th workout, kept me sheddin’ for days! I also found out a lot about my own personal style when developing my own lines. I really enjoyed this lesson, and am very interested in future expansion

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    Really helped me to understand when and how to use the Blues Scale. I wish I new this information 20 years ago.

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