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Approach notes are notes that are headed towards a particular target note.  Usually, the target note is a chord tone that you are aiming for that will give resolution to the line you are playing.  As you are playing these “approach note lines”, quite often there is dissonance in the line but when  you resolve it by achieving the target note it sounds great!  Many intermediate jazz improviser’s never get the knack of the dissonance resolution battle that goes on while they improvise  because they never work on nor master their approach notes.  Learning all your approach note patterns and lines is a great way to master the elements of tension and resolution.  It is also a fabulous way to  improve your ears, play faster more fluid jazz lines, understand how all 12 notes fit against a tonality  and finally, play some really fast cool jazz patterns that weave in and out of the changes in a hip and modern way.

In this 30 minute audio lesson, I give a general overview of my Approach Note Velocity books and concept.  This is not a step by step lesson series like the “Approach Note Freedom” series of lessons but rather an overview lesson  to get you started and up and running with the concepts.  I teach you how to best use the Approach Note Velocity books for the maximum benefit.   I take you step by step through the process that I myself went through years ago as I practiced all my approach note lines and patterns.  I demonstrate how to play the exercises and practice in the Approach Note Velocity books as well as the best way to practice these against Jamey Aebersold’s play alongs.   I  give you  tips and hints on how to apply the approaches to real life playing situations.  This is a great lesson for those of you who have my book and want further insights on how to get the most from it.  If you don’t have my “Approach Note Velocity” books then I would strongly suggest you get it in order to learn the most from this lesson.   (30 Minute Audio Lesson)

2 reviews for Approach Note Velocity Overview Lesson

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    Donato Soviero

    Thanks Steve! Your insights have really opened up a whole new area of study for me. These approaches are something I used to stumble on as isolated licks. You’ve really explored and organized the whole concept beautifully!
    Thank you, thank you!

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    John Tattersall

    I just thought I would let you know how I’m getting on with the book. I totally get it now and am delighted with it. I’ve been working on C major only with the Aebersold Major backing track. Having memorized the patterns up to about No 4 and then combining them with existing jazz language which I already use I have found it is really opening another door to my improvisation improvement. I intend to make working on the patterns a priority over the next year.

    Many Thanks


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