Giant Steps-Lesson 2

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In this second lesson on Giant Steps, I take you through three tonic patterns in all 12 keys. I have included 3 pdf sheet with the patterns written out in all 12 keys as well as samples of how to use them on Giant Steps. In this video I talk in depth about how to practice these patterns and I demonstrate not only how to use them on Giant Steps but also how to begin using them on modal tunes to play outside. this is a great lesson for those of you who want to get a few concrete patterns under your fingers. Enjoy (Video & Audio)

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    Hugh Appleton

    The good thing about this lesson is that Steve makes playing the Coltrane changes in all 12 keys much simpler, and much less daunting, by introducing the very straightforward concept of starting the same line in 3 places. He also talks about taking fragments of the line and then coming back, so you get more mileage out of the lines. A very useful, very clear lesson.

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