Ear Training Blues Lesson



This is great lesson on how to use the blues for ear training.  In this lesson, I teach you how to practice singing through my II-V-I Primer book over a C blues.  Practicing these exercises is very beneficial.

1. It helps you internalize and hear the changes of a 12 bar blues

2. You practice matching notes with your voice.

3. You work on hearing the different notes within a chord……1,3,5,7,9,11,13….

4. You work on hearing and singing different intervals.

This is a great exercise to start working on because once you have the form and sound of the 12 bar blues in your ear, you can work on this anywhere.  Driving your car, taking a walk, in the shower, etc……..

To get the most out of this lesson, you will need my “II-V-I Primer” book to work from.

This lesson comes with a blues play along in C and a PDF with the blues changes.(35 Minute Video Lesson, PDF, Play Along)


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