Connecting Dominant Bebop Lines-Lesson 1



This is a great lesson for those of you who have been working on the Major and Dominant Bebop Scale material.  One of the hardest things to get down in the study of these scales and links is connecting your lines from one chord to another. You could be sounding great playing over a C7 chord but when you get to the next chord you find yourself at a loss on how to connect the line you have created.  In this lesson I teach you a concept to help with that.  I show you how to connect your lines through the use of a 1/2 step chromatic approach to a chord tone of the next chord.  It’s a rather simple concept but takes some getting use to to implement in a flowing and relaxed way.   I show you how to practice this through the circle of fifths and how to choose the notes you want to approach.  I have been working on this myself over the past couple weeks and am excited to see the possibilities it allows.  Enjoy! (Audio,Video & PDF) (25 minutes)


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