Cherokee Bebop Scale Workout-Lesson 1



Cherokee Bebop Scale Workout-Lesson 1 is an introduction lesson on taking the bebop scale concept and applying it to an actual jazz standard. Cherokee can be a hard tune to improvise to at a fast tempo but if you master the bebop scales involved along with the bebop links and bebop resolutions you will have enough material to fly over these changes even at 300 bpm.

I teach you what bebop scales to use over the entire tune and then show you a number of practice techniques to really master the tune as well as the bebop scales involved. If you follow these techniques and practice hard you will find that playing these scales will become almost effortless. At that point, we can then introduce the elements that make these scales so much hipper sounding, bebop links and resolution links.

I have included a PDF and 3 play alongs of Cherokee at increasing speeds to practice to. (130, 160 and 190 bpm.) I demonstrate all the scales and practice techniques on the alto saxophone but these concepts can be applied to all instruments. (34 Minute Video Lesson, PDF in Bb, Eb and C, 3 12 minute Organ Trio play alongs at 130,160 and 190 bpm)


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