Beginner Jazz Improvisation Lesson 5B-Alto Sax

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This is a beginner improviser series for alto sax.  In this series of lessons I will take you from the very beginning and teach you how to improvise.  In this lesson 5B, I will teach you further about the Bb blues and how to start using everything we have learned so far over it. I talk about the importance of being able to run the chords through the changes.  We also start to explore scale use in improvisation by using 3 note sequences in our practice sessions.  My goal with these series of lessons is too teach you all the basic chords and scales in every key and get you improvising in a fluent way over some common jazz standards.  I demonstrate all the material on my tenor saxophone. (Video) (35 minutes)

1 review for Beginner Jazz Improvisation Lesson 5B-Alto Sax

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    Bill (verified owner)

    This is by far one of my favorite lessons. Steve gives you a solid foundation for playing the blues. If you love the blues this is a must have. I feel like I’m finally starting to play the music that’s been locked in my head.

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