Beginner Jazz Improvisation Lesson 4B-Alto Sax



This is a beginner improviser series for alto sax.  In this series of lessons I will take you from the very beginning and teach you how to improvise.  In this lesson 4B, I will teach you about the Bb major scale, the C dorian scale, the F mixolydian scale and the chords that these work over. I teach you about the circle of 5ths and show you how to start practicing the material we have learned so far around that circle of fifths chord sequence.  I show you how to learn them and the chords as well as how to practice them with some Aebersold play alongs. I also show you the G blues scale and talk about how to use it against Bb major and G minor.  I spend a lot of time talking about hearing the resolution points within each scale and chord and what to listen for when improvising.  I give you a new exercise to work on with your resolutions where you resolve notes to the triads.  This is a great exercise to help develop your ears more. My goal with these series of lessons is too teach you all the basic chords and scales in every key and get you improvising in a fluent way over some common jazz standards.  I demonstrate all the material on my alto saxophone. (Video & PDF) (34 minutes)


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