Bb Concert Shuffle Blues Lesson 2



This is Part 2 of a lesson I prepared for a member on my site.  He plays in a few bands that play a “shuffle” blues.  He asked me if I could do a lesson on the kind of stuff I would play on this type of blues so………

At first, I tried to start writing out a solo over a band in the box track but quickly realized that it was too “sterile” and academic.  I decided to just put on the track and play.  Later I came back and transcribed what I had played.

In Part 2 of this lesson, I have included a PDF of the last 4 choruses of my solo.  The PDFs are in C, Bb and Eb.   I have also included the band in the box play along so you can try playing the solo on your own with the background.  This lesson also comes with a mp3 of the solo material.

In the video lesson, I take you through the PDF in Bb and explain the different aspects of the solo.  Note choices, motifs, altissimo fingerings, stylistic affects, etc……..

This is a great lesson if you would like some more energetic and fresh ideas on what you can play on a “shuffle” blues. (Video 34 minutes, PDF in C,Bb and Eb, BIAB play along for Bb concert shuffle blues and audio recording of my solo)


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