Basic Jazz Articulation for the Sax Lesson 1

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If you want to learn how to play jazz saxophone, you can’t afford to overlook this essential lesson.  Proper Jazz Articulation is what makes your lines swing.  If you’re just beginning to learn to play jazz, or perhaps you’re a self taught player who’s always struggled with getting your playing to sound authentic and convincing,  this lesson will set you on the right path.

I start with the very basics and guide you through learning to swing, just as I would if you were sitting in the studio next to me. I talk you through the difference between playing in a classical style and playing swinging jazz.  I demonstrate these ideas on my saxophone as I explain them, so you can hear exactly what proper jazz articulation sounds like as you learn to do it too.  I talk about the most effective way to tongue, or articulate the notes, to achieve the proper swing feel.

I show you how you can start simply and slowly and apply these ideas and methods to the material you already know.  I play through some classic bebop tunes from Charlie Parker and Thelonious Monk, to demonstrate how proper jazz articulation makes all the difference in creating that authentic swing feel. You’ll learn how to phrase your lines correctly and get those jazz licks sounding the way they should.

I also show you how proper articulation helps your sense of time and place within the tune and helps you lock in with the rhythm section and take the burden of playing with good time and great feel, off your fingers alone. I then address the most common mistakes I hear from students when articulating jazz. I demonstrate where you might be going wrong and explain what causes these mistakes and how you can fix them. Soon you’ll be playing with that authentic swing feel. (17 minute audio)

1 review for Basic Jazz Articulation for the Sax Lesson 1

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    Great lesson. relearning my major scales by using the long-short method of articulation as demonstrated on Scrapple From the Apple on this lesson. Very important basic lesson on how swing.

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