Insane Sam Dillon Monster Lick of the Day Tenor Sax Transcription

Here is another short transcription of an incredibly fast jazz line by Sam Dillon that I saw on Instagram the other day.  I hate to think that this is how Sam warms up for a recording session.  Haha!  I transcribed this just for my own enjoyment.  The line itself, is not technically hard and it is full to the brim with classic bebop vocabulary.  The challenging part of this line is the speed at which Sam Dillon plays it.  Check it out below and see if you can get close to Sam’s speed.  Now, during this pandemic, while we are all quarantined at home, is the perfect time to work on it!

Sam Dillon-Tenor Saxophone

If you want to check out more from Sam Dillon you can read Sam’s bio here on his website.  He also has a great CD recently released called “Force Field” and an older CD of standards called “Out in the Open” that you can check out!  Also, do yourself a favor and go to this page from his website with a Slow Blues on it!  You can definitely tell Sam has studied the lines of John Coltrane right?  I also have a few other transcriptions of Sam Dillon’s solo here.

My wife always asks me why I have to practice so much?  Well, it’s because of young guys like Sam who remind us all that we need to practice!  Thanks for the great lines and inspiration!   Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments you might have in the comments section below this post after you pick yourself up off the floor!   Steve

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Insane Sam Dillon Monster Lick of the Day #6 Tenor Sax

Insane Sam Dillon Monster Lick of the Day #6 Tenor Sax Bb PDF
Insane Sam Dillon Monster Lick of the Day #6 Tenor Sax Concert Key PDF

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