Bob Mintzer Beautiful Everything Happens To Me Tenor Saxophone Solo Transcription

I have another amazing treat for all of you!  A couple of weeks ago,  I discovered a new sax player on Facebook who was posting killer transcriptions on Youtube. His name is Dimitrii Sergheev from Moldova.  Dimitrii caught my attention because we seem to have the exact same tastes in great tenor sax solos that need to be transcribed.

I reached out to Dimitrii on Facebook and he happily sent me a bunch of his transcription and gave me permission to post them here on my site.  Please support Dimitrii so that he is encouraged to keep transcribing these great sax solos!!!  You can find him at Dimtrii Sergheev’s Youtube where you can “like” and “follow” his page to keep up to date with his latest transcriptions.  You can also find him on his facebook page as well as hear samples of his sax playing on his soundcloud page.

This is the fourth transcription by Dimitrii Sergheev that I am sharing with his permission. This is Bob Mintzer’s beautiful tenor sax solo on “Everything Happens To Me” from a Youtube video of Bob playing with the CSUN (California State University Northridge) “A” jazz band.  Here’s the video:

Bob Mintzer performing Everything Happens To Me with CSUN “A” Jazz Band

I swear that Dimitrii and I must be twin brothers separated at birth because every solo he transcribes is a solo that I absolutely love.  This Bob Mintzer tenor saxophone solo on Everything Happens to Me is one of my favorites on Youtube and is in my folder of solos that I need to transcribe.

I love Bob’s beautiful lush tenor sax tone on this video and his lines are just so perfect.  Thanks to Dimitrii Sergheev for transcribing this hard solo!   It couldn’t have been easy and must have taken much time and effort.   Special thanks, as always, to Bob Mintzer for all of his contributions to jazz music and the saxophone.

Bob Mintzer-Everything Happens To Me Tenor Sax Solo-Bb PDF

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  1. Wow, tough transcription to notate, great job! There’s another great rendition of Mintzer playing this tune on his album with Brecker, TWIN TENORS.

  2. Avatar Giuseppe C. says

    Very lush and … wonderful execution!

  3. Genial ,gracias


    Brilliant, Thank You

  4. Avatar Phil Davidson says

    Well well yet another virtuoso performance using a Taiwanese made horn? Eastman?…. Does make me smile when I hear and see such class and the usual Mark VI snobbery that abounds on so many forums…. Again proving that mp/reed/player being the 99%….not a 60yr old horn…. Impressive indeed🎷👍

  5. Avatar Doug Wilcox says

    Oh wow! thank you Steve and Dimitrii — just beautiful.

  6. Avatar Giuseppe C. says

    Hi Phil,
    possible it is a Taiwan Lien Cheng? It seems as mine…
    Please, confirm yes!

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