Guardala Mouthpiece Informative Brochures From 1990

A friend of mine on Facebook, Adrian Chia, posted  these pictures of hardcopy Guardala mouthpiece brochures that he received from Dave Guardala in the mail back in 1990.  Dave was living in Hicksville NY at the time and working out of his garage from what I have heard.  If only I had a time machine……………  Thought some of you guys might like to see these as I had never seen them before.  You can click on the photos to see them larger.

PS.  If you have any other interesting information to go with this post let me know in the comment section below.  Thanks,   Steve

Guardala Tenor Sax Mouthpiece Model List

Guardala Alto & Soprano Sax Mouthpiece Model List

Guardala Mouthpiece Price List from the 90’s

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  1. Hi Steve, here is a link to the Guardala site of a German saxophone store:
    At the bottom, there is a description of the Guardala pieces from 1996.
    And you´re right, looking at the prices asked for a time machine would be really nice!

    All the best from Germany, Heiner.

  2. I think this was later than when he was working from his garage. This is the EXACT description that was in the Woodwind and Brasswind catalogs, and the Branford Marsalis mouthpiece came out after that.

  3. Avatar Seth Mellon says

    I visited with Dave at his work shop in a garage building behind the home on Long Island that I guess owned by his mother. I think I remember ihat DG introduced his mother in the kitchen before we went back to the garage shop in backyard…..It was a long time ago…..don’t remember the year, likely sometime between ‘75 and ‘85…..I remember that I play tested and bought a metal SELMER soprano mouthpiece that Dave had fitted with a plastic/hardened epoxy-like baffle……a material used by dentists….is what I’m remembering… longer possess the piece…..probably stayed less than an hour…..was unfamiliar with the area and was a long solo drive there and home… an old beater vehicle before cell phones/GPS……have used other Guardala pieces on my MarkVI and KEILWERTH over subsequent years…..was one and only time I was in DG’s company. He didn’t charge me all that much for the piece (because it was a modified SELMER…….Some years before that….I remember meeting Bobby DuKoff at (Ithink I’m remembering this correctly….) CRITERION STUDIO…..Ponpano, Fla.

  4. I recently received Guardala studio 6 for alto saxophone from Nadir sax in the mail. I was very disappointed. the mouthpiece is difficult to control, all the time the sound broke. I requested a refund. now I’m waiting for the money to return. I was interested in the sound of guardala bebop, but now I’m afraid to order this expensive mouthpiece.

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