NEW Book-Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz & Funk Soloing

Great news!  I just finished a new book this week that I am very excited about.  The new book is called “Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz & Funk Soloing” and is similar in concept to my best selling “Devastating Minor Lines” book.

Video Demonstration of a few of the Devastating Lines

Here is a description:

An inside approach to outside playing using pentatonics, chromaticism, 3-tonic systems, 4-tonic system, tri-tone substitutions, whole-tone scales, diminished scales, altered scales, melodic minor scales and intervallic patterns to produce modern sounding lines in the style of Michael Brecker and Bob Berg.  Devastating Dominant Lines contains 75 16th note lines written out in all 12 keys that can be used over dominant tonalities.  These lines give the student functional ideas that weave in and out of the tonality to produce a modern and “outside” sound.

Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing

Digital PDF Version of “Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz & Funk Soloing”14.99

Printed Version of “Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz & Funk Soloing”29.99

This PDF book is 138 pages long and is written out in all 12 dominant keys.

Included with this book are:

A 2 Hour and 4 Minute Video Lesson-a video lesson about the book, how to best practice from it and me explaining the concept involved for each line in the book.  I demonstrate the concepts using the soprano saxophone to a dominant play along track…………

This book is an excellent resource for intermediate to advanced students of jazz improvisation and will help you to develop some great modern lines that will amaze you friends and make your competition shudder………..

The lines in this book are not for the faint of heart, it will take a lot of practice and hard work to get them down.  Don’t give up,  stay focused and you too can master these modern devastating lines to amaze your friends, family and fellow musicians…………..

Remember,  use the power and knowledge these lines give you for good, not evil.  In the wrong hands these could cause severe damage and even brain trauma.  Overused, and other musicians might become jealous of your “awesomeness” and you might never get called for the gig again.  Used to the right degree though, and your future will be bright.

Have Fun,    Steve

PS.  This is a huge file to download of 371.9 MBs so please download from a stable high speed internet connection for best results.

Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing

Digital PDF Version of “Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz & Funk Soloing”14.99

Printed Version of “Devastating Dominant Lines for Jazz & Funk Soloing”29.99

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Avatar Miles Griffiths says

    Hello Steve, Your new book sounds terrific! I’ll be putting in an order for a hard copy soon. Great job! Can’t wait to open it up and start practicing 🎷🎷

  2. Avatar Nelson Lewis says

    Steve, this is one of the best books to date. I think that watching the video that you made and also understanding where the lines are derived from is awesome, especially for those of us who don’t have a great musical theory background. In my opinion, this book is worth more than you are selling it for….. especially with the video that is included. I know this was a lot of work to put this book together (as are all of your books) Thank you for continuing to come up with new ideas that gives the rest of us new ideas. Great teacher


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