Saxophone Lessons in Montpelier Vermont!

Jazz Saxophone Lessons near Montpelier Vermont!

I’ve just finished setting up my teaching studio in Waitsfield, Vermont.  If you live near the Montpelier Vermont area and are interested in saxophone lessons I am now accepting students.  Montpelier is a city in central Vermont and is about a half hour from Waitsfield Vermont.

I teach saxophone and specialize in jazz improvisation. I teach saxophone students of all ages and levels from beginning to advanced saxophone and create lesson plans to meet each students individual needs and goals.  I have been playing saxophone professionally and teaching in the New England area for the last 30 years and have taught thousands of students online with Skype as well as in person.  I also have a lot of experience with teaching saxophone to children in elementary school through high school as I taught in the after school music lesson program in Andover Massachusetts for 10 years and had as many as 70 students a week at times.

If you’re interested in setting up  a saxophone lesson or have any questions about rates or available times feel free to contact me.   Thanks,  Steve Neff

Some Reviews………….

After 20 plus years of playing/studying the jazz guitar ,I decided to take up the tenor sax. In the 5 years since this time, I must have studied with 10 different teachers trying to find the one that would help me the best. Although I gained something from each one, my Skype lessons with Steve have been better than any of these teachers for my needs. I didn’t think that an online lesson could be as good as in person one, but I can tell you that Steve sees what I do (take more mouthpiece) and hears what I do (you’re a little flat) better than anyone else that I studied with. -Mike T.

I took lessons with Steve.  I learned a lot about jazz improvisation and I have made so much progress compared to the time before I knew Steve.  I strongly recommended lessons with Steve for those who are late bloomers like myself. Just to inform you, I’m living in Abu Dhabi which is almost half the globe-distance from where Steve lives.-Jimmy T.

I have been taking lessons from Steve for about a year now.  Steve is always on-time for the lessons and an absolute professional. Steve began my lessons by accessing my capabilities and then formulating a lesson plan and course of study. Steve is very patient and wonderful at explaining and demonstrating lesson material. I have been very happy with Steve’s lessons and recommend him to any sax player that wants to improve their theory knowledge and technique. His lessons on jazz improv would work well for any instrument. I only wish I could of learned about Steve many years ago!-Paul M.

I have been taking lessons with Steve for a number of months now. I am extremely happy with them. I have seen great results in my playing!! Steve has a real gift to teach his thoughts,concepts,knowledge, and ideas. Coming from another background different from jazz, Steve has taught me the right approaches to develop the right “Jazz vocabulary” to face improvisation in Jazz.

**I can also teach students from Burlington, Stowe, Waterbury Center, Barre, Berlin, Waitsfield, Berlin and Williston as well as the other surrounding areas in Vermont.

Steve About Steve

Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site

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