Michael Brecker Solo Transcription-Recorda Me

For this week’s new transcription, I am posting the first 5 choruses of a transcription that Igor Tomanoski sent me this week.  This is Michael Brecker soloing over Recorda Me with Steps Ahead in the 80’s.

This is from a Youtube video that I first heard a few years ago.  This is just classic “tearing it up” Brecker!! I actually started transcribing this solo a few months ago but quickly realized it was going to be more difficult to complete than I thought.  Luckily Igor took on the challenge for the first 5 choruses!

 Michael Brecker in the Early 80’s

This one should give you enough material to shed for the next few months!!   Enjoy!   Thanks again to Igor Tomanoski for sharing it……….Steve

Michael Brecker-Recorda Me

Recordame Solo-Brecker with Steps Ahead Bb Chorus 1-5 PDF

If you love these type of outside Brecker type lines, be sure to check out my PDF book “Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing” in which I take 100 classic minor “outside” lines in 16th notes and write them out in all 12 keys.  These lines are devastatingly awesome!! (that’s my opinion anyways……)


Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz & Funk

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  1. The Youtube video says this is from the Steps Ahead album “Smoking in the Pit”. I have this CD that I bought in the 90’s sometime and it’s not on there so maybe this was added in a later release…………

  2. I just bought the album at Amazon. Recordame is one of 3 bonus tracks. There are also 2 alternate takes. Incredible music on this album.

  3. Avatar Al Dangerfield says

    Awsome solo as always from MB – God bless his soul!
    Has the whole solo now been transcribed, and where can I buy it?


    • Allan,
      I haven’t finished the solo yet. If you want to stay in the loop on things like that I usually post updates on my newsletter once a week. Thanks, Steve

  4. Steve,
    I realize you didn’t actually DO this transcription, but I gotta THANK YOU in caps for such a great resource u provide with ur website. Just outstanding.
    Satisfied (if buried in shedding) customer

    • Thanks Robert, I’m glad you like the site and find the resources useful. I’m always in the shed also………Steve

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