Jesse Davis Transcription-Cherokee Solo

Here’s another great bop solo by one of my favorite alto players “Jesse Davis”.  Jesse has one of the best alto sounds I have heard and I love how he can incorporate killer bebop lines and phrases with a bluesy feel and sound. (Another master of this technique was without a doubt Cannonball)

Here’s a short snippet of a bio from the Jesse Davis Wikipedia page:

Jesse Davis (born November 9, 1965) is an American jazz saxophonist. Davis began as a student in Ellis Marsalis’s New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.  After graduating, Davis embarked on a productive jazz career, recording 8 albums on the Concord Jazz label, alongside collaborations with such artists as Jack McDuff and Illinois Jacquet. Davis has studied music at Northeastern Illinois University, and in 1989 he received a “Most Outstanding Musician award” from Down Beat magazine.

Jesse Davis-Saxophonist

Here he is soloing over Cherokee from this Youtube video of a performance with Warren Vache from 2001.

The solo starts around the 1:09 mark.  Enjoy! Lot’s of great lines for you to work on in this solo…………….( I have another great solo based on the changes to Cherokee I’m working on also that should be up in a few days,,,,,,,,)

Jesse Davis Solo on Cherokee-Warren Vache 2001 Youtube Video Eb PDF

Jesse Davis Solo on Cherokee-Warren Vache 2001 Youtube Video Concert PDF

*Charles McNeal’s website also has a transcription of this solo which is where I first discovered it.  (Thanks Charles!) I wrote out my transcription and there were enough differences that I thought it was worth posting it also…………..

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  1. Fabulous work, Steve!

    Check out Jason Marshall’s Bari Sax Cherokee solo on YT [baritone virtuoso]

    Thank you for sharing your efforts!

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