Michael Brecker Transcription-A Night in Tunisia-Chaka Kahn

For this week’s new transcription I have been working on a solo by Michael Brecker over “A Night in Tunisia”. This is from a video on Youtube of Chaka Kahn performing a great version of this tune in 1981.

I just discovered this Youtube video last week when someone posted it on Facebook. I must have watched Brecker’s solo 20 times in a row that night.  This is just classic “tearing it up” Brecker!!  These kinds of solos bring me right back to 1985 when I first discovered him………I love this stuff……….

 Michael Brecker in the Early 80’s

I’m starting off this week with chorus 1 of the solo and will post other choruses when and if I get to them. I make no promises as some of these measures could drive me insane.  I hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I do…………Let me know what you think in the comments below………Steve

Chaka Kahn-A Night in Tunisia Video

A Night in Tunisia Solo-Brecker with Chaka 1981 Page 1 Bb PDF

Audio of Brecker’s Solo on A Night in Tunisia with Chaka Kahn

If you love these type of outside Brecker type lines, be sure to check out my PDF book “Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing” in which I take 100 classic minor “outside” lines in 16th notes and write them out in all 12 keys.  These lines are devastatingly awesome!! (that’s my opinion anyways……)


Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz & Funk

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  1. Avatar Mats Granath says

    Totally amazing!! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, before or after MB, got that timing. That sort of precision. The technical skill. The energy. The musicanship.And on top of it all, that laserbeam crystal clear type of sound. Just love it !!!

  2. hello steve
    do u have any lessons on the style of maceo parker

  3. Hi Dele, As of yet I haven’t done any lessons on Maceo Parker. If I do in the future I will let you know. Steve

  4. So the micheal brecker solo for night in tunisia is in Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing?

  5. Brian, No, the solo (as much as I have done of it) is on this page. There is a link to download it. I mention my Devastating Minor Lines book because it has a lot more Brecker type lines in it. Steve

  6. Ooh ok. When will you post the rest of the solo for night in Tunisia? Thx

  7. Brian, That’s a good question! The problem is that it is wicked hard to transcribe. I listened to it the other day and was thinking I would just start filling in the easy part and work backwards perhaps……It is a great solo! Steve

  8. Ok, hope you transcribe the rest soon! 😀

  9. Hey Steve, it’s Brian. I have been working on transcribing the solo myself, and I am almost done, respond when you see this please. 😀

  10. Great! If you want to share it let me know and I can put it up…….

  11. Oh, it sent two times… Really i wrote down the letters, and i’m not completely finished, but maybe I can send you photos somehow of what i wrote down?

  12. Brian, you can contact me via the contact page of the site and I can give you my email address.

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