Transcriptions of Chris Potter On Rhythm Changes

Here are two short transcriptions of solos Chris Potter did on a March 8, 2008 Masterclass. The bootleg was floating around the internet ( and I was lucky enough to grab it. In these two examples Chris is showing the differences in his playing style from when he was younger to now.

The first solo is pretty straight forward rhythmically and he is sticking pretty close to the changes and a standard bebop type approach. The second solo (I call it “Potterized Rhythm Changes”) is a bit more advanced. He’s taking more liberties harmonically and rhythmically. The second “Potterized Version”  much harder to transcribe and some parts were difficult to figure out rhythmically but I did my best. These are two great examples of how to play over rhythm changes and take it away from the standard bebop sound. Really check out the rhythmic approach on the “Potterized” version.   Enjoy!


Potter Simple Rhythm Changes Solo Revised


Potterized Rhythm Changes Revised

If you love these type of outside  type lines, be sure to check out my PDF book “Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz and Funk Soloing” in which I take 100 classic minor “outside” lines in 16th notes and write them out in all 12 keys.  These lines are devastatingly awesome!! (that’s my opinion anyways……)


Devastating Minor Lines for Jazz & Funk

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  1. Avatar Sam Miles says

    I was wondering if you had the recording of the potterised rhythm changes. If so i was wondering if it would be possible to send it to my email address. It would be an amazing amount of help.
    cheers sam

  2. Hi steve!

    I was wondering if you could send me audio to go with the transcriptions?

    thanks in advance steve!

  3. contact me on my website and I can send them to you.

  4. Great Site!!!. Thanks for shearing your pation!.
    Is there any chance you send me the audio of the 2 examples you´ve transcribed?

  5. Send me an email on the contact form of my site and I’ll send them to you. Steve

  6. Could you send me those mp3s please?

  7. Hi Scott, I emailed them to you. Steve

  8. I’d love to get the mp3s as well if possible. Hope it’s not too much trouble. Thanks!

  9. I just emailed them to you. Steve

  10. Hey, it’d be fantastic if you could send me either of those mp3s. Also, fantastic transcriptions.

  11. Steve, I’d love to hear those mp3’s if it’s not too much trouble

  12. Avatar Jeff Rodman says

    Hi Steve,

    I’d really love to join the crowd and ask if you could find time to email the mp3s for the Chris Potter Rhythm Changes Masterclass.

    Thanks in advance


  13. Avatar Tim Harrington says

    Me too? -Audio file-

    Thanks so much,


  14. Tim, I just sent you the mp3 file you asked for. Sorry for the delay. Steve

  15. Could you send me those mp3s please? thanks so much.

  16. Can you please send me the potter audio file for rhythm changes? THANKS.

  17. Ashim, I just emailed them to you. Steve

  18. Hi Steve.
    I would just like to say thank to very much for sharing those transcriptions. I’m a huge fan of chris potter and enjoyed working my way through the solos. I like rhythm changes because you can really get a feel for what he’s doing with it being a progression we know so well.

  19. Thanks Joe. No problem! I love this stuff as much as anyone! I’m glad you can benefit from it………..

  20. Avatar Paolo Giuliani says

    I’ve just downloaded the two versions of Potter’s Rhythm Changes improvisation.
    If possible, could you please send me the mp3 files as well?
    Thanks much

  21. Avatar Jeff howlett says

    Hi Steve. I would also love to have the Potter mp3s. Many thanks for your sterling work

  22. Thanks Steve for taking the time to share it with us!

  23. Avatar Evan Gravelle says

    Hey there. Im just wondering if you have the ability to change the sheet music to concert? and if you could do that could you change it to bass clef? Just a bass player trying to get some good vocabulary. Thanks a million if you can do that.

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