Michael Brecker Transcription of Confirmation-Berklee Clinic 1987

Here’s another new transcription I’m working on.  Every once in a while I get in a mood to transcribe some Michael Brecker.  Then, after I get started I soon think “What the heck was I thinking?  This is crazy!”  It’s usually after I have slowed down one section to the slowest it can possibly go and  listened to it one hundred times in a row.   I might then throw my pen across the room and start pulling out my hair!   You don’t see many Brecker solos on my site and that is why………   Usually,  I have to have a solo completed and as close to perfect as possible before I share it but………with my new goal of transcribing a chorus ever week, I have decided to break my tradition and just share what I have done so far………

 Michael Brecker in the 70’s

Today, I’m presenting you with page one of Michael Brecker’s solo over the changes to Confirmation.  Brecker performed this at a clinic he did at Berklee in 1987.  The surprising thing to me is that I was at Berklee  in 1987 and somehow I missed this whole clinic.  I don’t know how that is even possible but I have no recollection of attending this event and I was crazy about Brecker back then.

This is Michael Brecker playing acapella to the changes of Confirmation before he starts talking and answering questions from a bunch of  students and teachers.  Along with this solo I have also started transcribing Brecker’s solo on Blue Bossa from 1985.   I completed 7 choruses of that before I started losing my mind………..  I’ll share that later on also………

Like I said, this is page 1 of 4 and I will put up other parts of the solo as I complete them.  Some of these sections are pretty hard so I will do what I can with no promises……..  I hope you enjoy this part of the solo.     Steve


Confirmation Solo-Brecker Clinic 1987 Chorus 1 Bb

Confirmation Solo-Brecker Clinic 1987 Chorus 1 Concert

Confirmation Solo-Brecker Clinic 1987 Chorus 2 Bb

Confirmation Solo-Brecker Clinic 1987 Chorus 2 C

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  1. You sound great! Can’t wait to hear more.

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    Yeah I realized that after I posted this -_-

  3. “Ray…the next time somebody asks you if you’re a god, you say ‘yes!'”

  4. Hi Steve – loving the transcriptions you are putting out. I had also come across the David Mann blues on the 10M site and loved it so was happy to see your lift which is great too. Thanks so much 🙂

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