Liam Byrne Tenor Saxophone Blues Solo Transcription

Here’s a nice swingin’ blues solo transcription I started working on a few days ago.   This is from a young tenor sax player, Liam Byrne.   The group is called BBQ and stands for Brownfield/Byrne Quintet.  Here’s a short Bio about Liam Byrne from his website:

‘…Saxophonist Liam Byrne, from North Wales (UK), studied at Leeds College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. He has a growing reputation in the UK as a torchbearer of the jazz tenor saxophone tradition. He has performed along side notable musicians such as Alan Barnes, Osian Roberts, Digby Fairweather, Jeff Barnhart, Greg Abate, Bruce Adams, Dave O’higgins, and co-leads a quintet/sextet with up and coming trumpet star Jamie Brownfield…’

It’s great to see young player’s carrying on the jazz tradition and playing  jazz at live gigs.   I thought Liam played a great solo.   I loved many of his lines and thought they were well worth transcribing.  There are some classic bebop and chromatic lines in this solo that are worth working on!   I look forward to hearing more from him in the future!

The Youtube video of this solo that I originally posted has been taken down so I posted an mp3 version of the solo below.

Liam Byrne Tenor sax Solo on Uptown Shuffle Blues-Mp3 File (Right click and choose “save link as” to download mp3 to your computer)

This is a 6 chorus blues solo.   Enjoy!

Uptown Shuffle Blues Solo

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  1. Thanks,again!

  2. Avatar Tom McCartney says

    I love his playing. I hear a lot of Hank Mobley influence!

    Thanks for the transcription.

  3. The guy sounds like he has covered the ground work. Nice playing my man!

  4. I just started looking at your website- great lessons. I then saw the name Liam Byrne; I played a gig with him just the other day! Great player!

  5. Avatar Giuseppe C. says

    I like also the trumpeter! He reminds me a little to the fantastic Lee Morgan.
    Great jazz!
    Thanks Steve.

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