Drake Stubbie Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Today I am reviewing another great Aaron Drake mouthpiece called the “Stubbie”.  It is modeled after the Dukoff  “Stubbie” model from the 1950’s.  I don’t know much about the Dukoff  “Stubbies” and have never played one as of yet.  I’ll leave any facts about the original “Stubbie” model to the mouthpiece “gurus” and collectors out there……….If you want to add any facts about them in the comments below…..feel free. (like, are they the same as Dukoff Hollywood mouthpieces…….?)

Disclaimer:  Before I go any further in this review I want to first state that the Drake mouthpiece website states that these Drake metal mouthpieces are no longer being made as of the date of this review. 

Drake Stubbie Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

This Drake “Stubbie” is one that a friend on SOTW has sent me to try.  It is in “used” condition with slight scratches on the body of the mouthpiece due to ligature use.  The table, rails, tip and baffle look in great condition.  The baffle descends into an extra larger chamber which is similar in size to some NY link chambers I have seen.  (Not as big as the Theo Wanne large chambered mouthpieces).  The siderails are very scooped out as they lead into the extra large chamber.  The roof  of the chamber is nice and thin.  A larger chamber typically gives a mouthpiece a “fatter” warmer sound in my experience.  When you balance the chamber with the right amount of baffle you can get a  very fat full sound that is still powerful and focused………….

Drake Stubbie Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

The tip opening on this “Stubbie” model is a 7.  It is slightly more closed than my normal 7* tip openings.   The mouthpiece played easily with a Rigotti Gold 3 medium reed.  The low notes were warm and full sounding.  I felt the sound was more focused than I had expected with the extra large chamber but still had a nice “fluffy”spread to the sound.  It was great mouthpiece to sub-tone on!  The higher register got brighter if I blew harder.  Because it was a 7 tip, I felt like I could only get so much air through the mouthpiece.  Even so, I could still get some nice volume out of it……(just not as much as I usually can from a 7* or 8 tip opening.)

Drake Stubbie Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

These are Aaron’s own words on the metal “Stubbie” tenor saxophone mouthpiece from Drakemouthpieces.com:

“For several years now I have had this mouthpiece in mind.  After going through multiple prototypes and a lot of experimentation, it is finally ready.  There is something about the classic combination of the design elements that makes this a very special mouthpiece.  I hope you feel the same way when you play one. “

– Aaron Drake

This classic vintage design is modeled after the highly desirable “Stubbies” from the 1950’s.  This mouthpiece features very deep undercutting on the side walls and a  large chamber.   Couple this with a medium high rollover baffle and a classic tapered window design, and you have the recipe for a killer piece! Wonderfully free blowing and brilliantly responsive from the bottom to the top of the horn.

These handmade mouthpieces are made from a one piece casting technique, and are finished entirely by hand..

Each mouthpiece is finished in 24K gold plate and includes a Rovner L3 cap and ligature.

Drake Stubbie Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

This is another great mouthpiece that leans to the darker side of the tone spectrum.  The reeds I used on it were brighter sounding Rigotti reeds but I would imagine that using darker Rico Select Jazz reeds would give you an even  darker, warmer tone.

If you are interested in the Drake “Stubbie” tenor saxophone mouthpiece contact Aaron Drake at Drakemouthpieces.com.  Like I stated in the disclaimer above: these aren’t being made by Mr. Drake anymore  so you might have to beg or bribe him to get one for yourself………..

Let me know what you think in the comments below………….Thanks, Steve

Drake Stubbie Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Drake Stubbie Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece


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  1. Where can i get one of these Drake Stubbie tenor mouthpieces

    • Jerry, I don’t believe they are made anymore. You would have to ask Aaron Drake about them. Other than that I think you would have to find one used on ebay or SOTW. Steve

  2. Probably there will be one on the http://www.saxophonforum.de in “Kleinanzeigen” within short time.

    keep swingin´

    Axel Koch

  3. Avatar Walter Ruckdeschel says

    Hi Jerry,

    Aaron doesn’t make any metal pieces any more since some months. I have a Stubbie 8, rhodium-replated by Morgan Fry (so a really nice and unique piece of art). And maybe I’ll sell it one day. Did You try one?


    • Walter and Jerry,
      I emailed Aaron about the metal pieces and this is what he said
      “I am working on relaunching the metal tenor pieces – hopefully next year sometime. We had some issues with the plating and decided it would be best to pause the production until I had the time to sort it out.”

      Hopefully Aaron will have them in production again soon…………..

    • Would you consider selling that rhodium plated drake 8 mouthpiece?

      • Hi Jace, Unfortunately, the Drake Stubbie was borrowed from a friend for this review and I had to send it back shortly after finishing the review. Steve

      • Hi, I sold it some years ago – sorry for that for myself… But Aaron Drakes makes them again.

  4. Hi Jerry and Axel,
    I have a new Drake Stubbie 7*, bought only a few weeks ago. It’s been replated by the saxshopowner because the lacquer comes off easily.
    I consider selling because the tip is too small for me. Since it’s new it goes for a ‘new’ price.
    Let me know if you are interested

  5. Hi Leo,I want to buy you this mouthpiece (Drake Stubbie 7*), write me an email: Sergio1451@Yandex.ru,
    and send photo. Thank you in advance . Sergey

  6. Hello Walter,
    What did the rhodium do with the sound of your Stubbie?
    And is it for sale? If so, what’s the tip size?

  7. Aaron just posted (a few days ago on his Facebook stories) that he’s making metals again. This piece is available on his website, I don’t know if he’s gonna make any other metals or not.

    If you can remember, Steve, how do you did you feel about this piece as opposed to, say, the Robusto? Showtime?

    Sounds great as always!

    • Adam, Unfortunately, I don’t really remember the specifics of how it played. I remember I liked it a lot but that is about it. Sorry. Steve

  8. Best mouthpiece I’ve heard on here. A smaller opening and harder reed would have been good to hear.

  9. I agree with you Andrew; in fact before he was stolen along with his Conn, Dexter Gordon used a Dukoff, of another type, probably 0.080 tip opening, from which came a sound that, perhaps, I prefer to what he had later with Selmer Mark VI bought by Don Byas, if I remember correctly, coupled with Ottolink metal mouthpiece!
    So even I would be curious to hear what sound comes from a smaller tip opening with a harder reed …
    Of course these are just technical details: each conformation of head and mouth responds differently with the mouthpieces and, what matters, is “the thought” of those who play! Every good musician, like Steve, “any” mouthpiece uses makes it always seem like the best existing mouthpiece!
    If you listen to the records of the masters of jazz, these, on each disc, have a relatively different sound from the other, but you always say: “this is the sound of …”.
    But I’m writing something that you all already know …

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