Bari Hybrid Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Today, I am reviewing the Bari Hybrid tenor saxophone mouthpiece 7* (.105 tip opening). This mouthpiece has the gold band around it.  It is called a “hybrid” because it is a mix of hard rubber and gold plated brass. The front part of the mouthpiece is all hard rubber but the shank and bore of the mouthpiece up to the chamber is brass. Due to the brass shank, the shank end of the mouthpiece is much heavier than the hard rubber end of the mouthpiece.

Bari Hybrid Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

This Bari Hybrid mouthpiece is a great example of a more affordable mouthpiece that is on the market that plays very well. These have a retail price at WWBW of 129.99 right now. Many times, I have younger student looking for cheaper alternatives for step up mouthpieces that still play well.  Usually, the stock response for tenor sax players is to get a Otto Link or Vandoren V16.  This Bari Hybrid is another new alternative on the market.

Bari Hybrid Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece looks great from the top. The engraving and gold band look terrific. The rails, table, tip and baffle also looked good.  The chamber of the mouthpiece looks to be a smaller chamber than an Otto Link would have.  Unlike the alto mouthpiece, this chamber looks to be a perfect circle.  I played a Rigotti Gold 2 1/2 medium reed and Vandoren Optimum ligature with it.

Bari Hybrid Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

I thought this Bari Hybrid tenor mouthpiece played great. It had a nice rich dark sound to it. The low notes subtoned beautifully and the intonation was very good.  The sound is full and focused with a nice rich core tone. I think this would be a great step up mouthpiece for middle school or high school kids as well as adults looking for an affordable tenor sax mouthpiece.

If I compare it a modern hard rubber Otto Link,  I would say the Bari has more of a focused core to the sound.   Modern Otto Links tend to have a more spread sound to them (sometimes even dull and dead)  than this Hybrid mouthpiece has.  This is probably due to the smaller chamber.  It does have a slight rollover baffle but I would definitely consider this mouthpiece to be dark.  Even the high notes were dark and round sounding for me.

Bari Hybrid Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

“WWBW” is carrying the Bari Hybrid Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece. If you like this Bari Hybrid mouthpiece’s look and sound, visit the WWBW website. All the Bari products are made in the USA in Sarasota, Florida.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thanks, Steve

Bari Hybrid Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

 PS.   If you order from WWBW, I suggest ordering at least 3 mouthpieces of the mouthpiece you are interested in.   Many times with mass produced mouthpieces there are variations between mouthpieces of the same make and size.  If you order 3, you can choose the best one and then send the other 2 back for a refund (minus a small restocking fee). Make sure to check WWBW’s policy on mouthpiece returns first though.



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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. This is awesome sound i like this sound, is very warm in the hightone and also
    the in low region

    with kind regards


    • Desus, Yes I agree. I’ve played very few mouthpieces that were that warm and dark up high. Usually they get brighter and more edgy.

  2. WOW Steve
    That sound great…
    I was just thinking how much Rollins I was hearing in you on this recording and you started playing St Thomas… that kinda freaked me out haha
    Great playing man this mouthpiece sounds like its way more expensive than 130

  3. Avatar Harley Petty says

    Truely speaks to me my friend. I wonder what make sax your playing. I am an alto player that just recently purchased 1937 King w/body silverplated under the (goldwash) laquer and only the body has the plate under the laquer. I have yet to play the my horn due to having to replace pads and now I am in search of a mouthpiece. Thanks for your help, Harley.

  4. That is such a rich sound and seductively hypnotizes my ears!
    I would like to think it is a great mouthpiece but, I know your ability brings out the magic in this mouthpiece…

    That being said, I am looking to upgrade my 15 year old daughter from the Yamaha 4C she is using on her school YTS23. She now has a Kenny G E-Series IV with Silver Bell and Neck. The horn is very bright on the upper end and has a focused low end with the 4C. When I heard this mouthpiece, I instantly thought the richness it generates could balance the her new horn out superbly.
    Her 4C has a very small tip opening as compared to the .105 on the Bari. Do you think this would be a good transitional mouthpiece at 7* or should I consider 5*, 6 or 6*? If I go with a smaller tip opening do you think the dark richness will become less dark? We have been using Rico 3, 3 1/2 Reeds and starting to try Vandoren Reeds.

    Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Again, I must compliment you as your playing is wonderful and brings a consistency to the reviews that musicians can take to the bank!


    • Jeff, I think the Bari Hybrid is a great step up choice. It has a thick rich sound. I suggest going to a 6* first. I have had students jump for a Yamaha 4C to a .105 but they are rare. Most students have a hard time with a jump like that. The other thing you can do is order one of each from a place like WWBW. Let her try them and pick the one she likes the best and send the rest back for a refund. Good Luck, Steve

  5. I ordered one of these for my friends Bootsie, but he is more a metal guy. Rather than return it, I tried it on my Buescher TH&C and loved it. Also Rigotti 2 1/2 as a reed. It’s dark like my Fat Cat, but has a nice edge when pushed. Easy subtone. It became my new go-to tenor piece.

    • That’s great Jan. Yes, I found it to be one of the darker tenor pieces I have had through here. Glad you like it. Steve

  6. I saw this review a couple of years ago and i just bought one recently. I dont know about those five and six hundred dollar pieces but this plays beautifully on my 1939 king zephyr. Thanks for reviewing this mouthpiece..

  7. Do the alto mp’s have a similar sound? Currently have an alto and soprano and I am looking for a rich sound like this for the alto.

  8. Avatar william culhane says

    type in the search box hybrid alto there is a sound bite for the alto

  9. does this have a nice altissimo

  10. Hi Steve,
    nice sound this mouthpiece, perhaps a little too “full-bodied”, but beautiful.
    It reminds me a little of the sound of the Maestra marble, even if the Mastra seems me more powerful and, a little, also the sound of the Ambika, even if the Ambika seems me have a most brilliant sound.
    Am I wrong?Again?

    • Giuseppe, I think you are correct. The Bari Hybrid is a great mouthpiece especially for the price. You are comparing it to two mouthpieces that cost quite a bit more. Steve

  11. Fiuuu!… Thanks Steve,
    I was afraid I had made another bad impression; instead this time it went well!
    True, it now costs around $ 189 and there are also other versions … They also have the tip opening 0.085.

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