Marmaduke Hard Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

Today, I am reviewing another alto saxophone mouthpiece that is made by Alex Miyatake in Japan.   I have reviewed two of his Marmaduke alto mouthpieces in the past but this one I’m reviewing today is a new version that has had some modification made to it from the older versions.   This alto mouthpieces is brand new and I am excited to try it out.   It has a .078 tip opening (6).    The chamber looks very close to the size of a medium Meyer size chamber.  Unfortunately, I don’t have the old alto mouthpieces any longer so you will have to listen to the sound clips to see if you hear any differences between them.

Marmaduke Hard Rubber Alto Sax Mouthpiece

These Marmaduke alto saxophone mouthpieces look great.  The tip and rails are thin and even.  The tip matches the shape of my reeds perfectly.  I used a Rigotti Gold 3 reed on this clip and the mouthpiece played great with that reed. The mouthpiece has a slight rollover baffleThe chamber is about the size of a medium Meyer chamber to my eyes.

Marmaduke Hard Rubber Alto Sax Mouthpiece

This Marmaduke 6 had a nice crisp brightness to the sound.  Even though the notes were bright, the tone was thick and fat in my opinion.  It reminded me of that vintage “Meyer” type brightness and power.  A nice compact powerful tone.  The tone was flexible and very easy to manipulate.  It felt like it had the perfect amount of resistance for me which I find makes a mouthpiece more expressive.

The intonation was right on and the mouthpiece was very easy to play right out of the box. The high notes have a great ring and vibrant sound to them that I loved.

The vibe I was getting from this mouthpiece is a “Phil Woods” type sound on the album Warm Woods.   I’m not saying I picked it up and sounded exactly like that but the tone reminded me of that album for some reason………(I loved that album when I was in high school!)

Marmaduke Hard Rubber Alto Sax Mouthpiece

If your interested in trying one of these mouthpieces yourself, visit Marmaduke Mouthpieces and talk to Alex Miyatake yourself for more information.

Marmaduke HR .078 Alto Mouthpiece

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