Kanee Custom V7 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Here’s a brand new mouthpiece review for you. You probably have never heard of this brand.   I had never heard of them before a couple weeks ago either.   I received an email from someone from China asking if I would be willing to try some of their mouthpieces and post a review of them.   I was a bit curious so I said sure.  A little while later I received a package with 7 mouthpieces in it. Four alto mouthpieces and three tenor mouthpieces. This is the 2nd mouthpiece I chose to play after the O7 model I already did a review of.  It is called the Custom V7 model.   Here is the description directly from the Kanee brochure that came with it:

“Trying to seek the sound of traditional Jazz in this century and thus to define the style of the Kanee V model mouthpieces.  Kanee V model mouthpieces use moderate slope of the baffle and medium chamber to produce a flexible,powerful penetration of tone”  (This sounds like it was translated right from the Chinese but you get the idea)

The V7 model I have is said to have a medium long facing curve and I believe the tip opening is close to a .105 tip.

Kanee Custom V7 Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

I enjoyed playing this mouthpiece as much or maybe a little more than the O7 model.  It does indeed have a brighter slightly more modern sound to it.  If you look at the baffle in comparison to the O7 model it is a higher rollover baffle that is longer than the O7 model.  The description on the brochure says it has a medium chamber but my V7 seems to have a larger chamber than the O7.  The difference is that the O7 has a baffle that seems to continue through much of the chamber.  The V7 mouthpiece has a baffle that seems to stop at the beginning of the chamber and then open up to a larger cavernous chamber area.  It reminds me of some NY links and Theo Wanne large chamber mouthpieces I have played.  This combination of a higher baffle but larger chamber is an interesting mix.  You have to have the balance just right so that the baffle gives you some nice power and brightness and the chamber fattens up the sound and makes it a bit darker.  Kanee mouthpieces did a great job with this one. As with the O7 model the tip, rails and chamber work look excellent.  The curve of the tip is a very close match to my Java reed tip curve which is always nice to see.

I used the same #3 Vandoren Java on this mouthpiece that I did on the O7.  I also used the same Marc Jean ligature.  If you listen to the clip I think you can hear how the tone is fat but has a bit more punch and brightness than the O7 model I reviewed yesterday.  You can hear it get brighter as I go up.  I went into the altissimo for a second and you could hear that funky brightness hiding in the sound just ready to burst forth.  This is a great example of a terrific all round piece.  Usually I feel the most comfortable on these type of mouthpieces as they let me go where ever I want instead of trapping me with a certain sound.  This mouthpiece actually remind me a bit of a Freddie Gregory hard rubber Mark IV I used to have and loved.  I ended up selling that piece after concluding it was too bright for me.  I’ll have to play this one some more to see where i can go sound wise with it.   Check out the sound clip and let me know what you think. Feel free to visit the Kanee website for more info at www.kaneemusic.com.

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site Neffmusic.com.


  1. I’m looking for some pieces for a school’s jazz program. The director needs the saxes to have a little more edge and projection than what they get from a Selmer C*! Do you think these would be a good choice for a school that would be durable?

    • Yes, I think these would be excellent. You should order a bunch of the O7 and the V7. I preferred the O7 but the V7 does have a bit more brightness to it. I’m going to order a bunch for the kids I teach. The alto pieces are excellent also. Most parents really don’t like going over that 100-120 range for a kids mouthpiece…………..

  2. Hi Steve,
    I’d like to ask you if you tried out one of the pro-series line of kanee mouthpieces, wich are the C, J and E.
    The ones you played here are the custom series, so I was trying to figure out how’s the pro-series!
    Thank you,

    • I haven’t tried the pro series yet. Kane sent me some prototypes but he is still working on the final product of that line. He didn’t say what those were. I haven’t seen the pro series yet I don’t think.

  3. Hi Giuseppe: Now I have C model into our Kanee student line, and stopped J and E model as they conflict with Custom M and Z, I would like to keep my product focused.

    I can say Kanee C sop, alto and tenor are most competitive mouthpieces worldly retail at $ 40-45, if you prefer Selmer C*. I am planing to hold a special pass around for beginners with Kanee C model. (Sop, alto and tenor). I did add one alto C16 into my original Kanee trials pack, so you could kindly participate us to have a try. http://forum.saxontheweb.net/showthread.php?147957-Kanee-Hard-Rubber-Mouthpieces-Pass-Around

    What I sent to Steve are our ptototype of vintage mouthpieces, high end product, they are not ready yet. Email me if you have any other inquiries.


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