Theo Wanne Ambika Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

Here’s another Theo Wanne tenor saxophone mouthpiece for you to check out. I just received a ton of these and I’m working my way through them as you might have noticed. This is a hard rubber version of the Ambika mouthpiece.  The Ambika is on the darker side of the tone spectrum.  It has a lower baffle than the Gaia.  This is a .110 tip opening.  I was hoping for a .105 tip as that is what I liked the best when I tried the metal Gaia out.  This tip  feels a little larger than I normally like……………………….

Theo Wanne  Ambika Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

  • Appearance:

Again, as with all Theo Wanne products, this mouthpiece looks great.  This one is made out of hard rubber and has the logo and “Ambika” engraved on it in gold.  The band around the shank looks to be a black metal.  Even the ligature it comes with is black.  It looks appropriate for a dark sounding mouthpiece.  The rails and tip are perfect and even.  The chamber and baffle look as good as it gets.

  • Tone:

The Ambika has a darker sound then the other Theo Wanne mouthpiece I have tried.  Sometimes a darker tone can sound almost dead but I found this mouthpiece very vibrant and the tone nice and thick sounding.  Up high the notes were full and round but still darker sounding than many other mouthpieces I have tried.  The .110 tip opening felt a little too big for my tastes.  I would have loved to try this in a .105 tip.

  • Intonation:

Intonation was great with this mouthpiece and within normal limits.

  • Control:

The Ambika was easy to play for me although I tend to like a mouthpiece that sounds a bit brighter (It might be because of my hearing loss over the years……….)  It played great down low and up into the altissimo and the tone was even up and down the horn.

  • Volume:

I could get nice and loud with this mouthpiece although because of the darker nature of the tone I think a mouthpiece like this would get lost in the mix of a  rock or pop gig.  That’s not it’s thing.  I could easily imagine playing this on a jazz trio gig and filling up the room with a nice lush sound.

This is another great mouthpiece by Theo Wanne.  For more information on the Ambika tenor sax mouthpiece visit .

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Thanks for the review.

  2. Hello Steve, I love your reviews about mouthpieces. I am currently interested with the Ambika from Theo wanne.

    I am looking for that full, fat, round, vintage otto link if you will kinda sound…
    Do you think that this particular mouthpiece can fulfill my needs?
    I mostly play on wedding gigs, I need the sound to be more romantic, and big at the same time…

    Thank you!

  3. James,
    I think the Ambika is a great mouthpiece along those lines. It has a big full sound that is darker and warmer sounding which sounds like what you want. I’m not sure how the Ambika would cut through on a wedding dance set though as most bands get pretty loud on those sets. You’d have to try it out and see. Good Luck. Steve

  4. Hi, steve, thanks for the review! I have 2 questions…
    I know a colegue that sells an ambika, he saids that this mp is a older version of ambika, so..
    1, have you hear something about?? And 2, what can you tell me about Lebayle LR III HR? (vs ambika)

  5. Thanks and have a hapy new year

  6. Pablo,
    The Ambika I played and reviewed years ago was a very nice mouthpiece that had a beautiful lush dark sound as I remember. I’ve never played a LR III HR so can’t speak for that. I think I reviewed a LR II at one point but not the III. Steve

  7. Hi, Steve, It´s me again… I´ve reading and listening your last GAIA 2 soprano mpc review, it look like Theo improve his GAIA from the first, I’ve recent visit the Theo’s page and saw the AMBIKA 2 and I think “can Theo do the same kind of improvement in the AMBIKA than the GAIA?”
    I´ll love if you can make a review of the AMBIKA 2 tenor, HR and/or metal.
    Hug, Pablo.

  8. Thanks Pablo. I’ll keep that request in mind. There are so many mouthpieces to try and so little time…………Thanks, Steve

  9. Hi Steve, Have you compared this model of the Ambika to the Ambika 2? Just curious to know if there’s much difference in tone. The inside shape looks quite different to the Ambika 2 model (which I have).

  10. Hi Paul, I haven’t tried the Ambika 2 model do I can’t help with your question. Steve

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