Which Ponzol mouthpiece do you like the best?

In this poll I am playing 8 measures of “In a Sentimental Mood” on 3 different Ponzol mouthpieces. I’m trying to play the melody in a similar way for each clip.  See if you can hear a difference between the clips.  If you can, vote for the one that you like the best!

Which Ponzol mouthpiece do you like the best? (Poll Results)

  • Ponzol M1 Gold .110 (37%, 66 Votes)
  • Ponzol M2 Stainless Steel .110 (37%, 66 Votes)
  • Ponzol M2 Gold .110 (26%, 48 Votes)

Total Voters: 180

Ponzol M1 Gold .110 Tenor mouthpiece

Ponzol M2 Gold .110 Tenor Mouthpiece

Ponzol M2 Stainless Steel .110 Tenor Mouthpiece

Steve About Steve

Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site Neffmusic.com.


  1. Perhaps for this sort of tune the M1 has that darker feel associated with the song, but the M2 stainless was also somewhat dark and considerably louder and not as stuffy sounding so I voted for the M2 stainless. The M2 gold was just a bit too bright and not as complex as the stainless.

  2. I think the first M1 had the nicest sound-dark. However, on a gig, the last one SS (M2?) you would want that one. It just wants to wail – no tubby sound for that one.
    I’m starting to think you should use the one that sounds good in a closet, and amplify it with a quality system AND effects.
    Read my recent forum comment under mouthpieces. I think I’m going mp looney.

  3. Steve,

    I really liked your M2 metal mouthpiece sound and decided to try one from WWBW. I play on a vintage King Super 20 tenor and found at my weekly restaurant gig (jazz quartet), I found the sound way too bright and not as full as I would have liked. On the other hand, the ease of playing at various dynamic levels and effortless altissimo were a plus. Currently I am using a Brian Powell Jerry Bergonzi piece which I like but it doesn’t have quite enough projection for me and a little more dark then I sometimes want. Any thoughts on the other Ponzol pieces with a King Super 20 (I assume your on a Mark VI).

  4. I currently own the Gold M1 .110 and preferred the sound over the M2 (naturally, since I’ve tried those too). The M2 is just too bright and a bit thin for my taste, and certainly does not suit this style of music. I you were doing a Bob Mintzer piece instead, I would’ve picked the M2.

    I’ve been itching to try out the new stainless pieces and now I can see that I’m going to get one! Clearly, It’s a beautiful combination of the other two, with the darkness of the M1 but the presence of the M2. It’s fat and full in the lower midrange and seems to carry it’s tonal complexity right through the registers (opening arpeggio). I found the third cut more expressive than the gold mpiece cuts preceeding it, meaning that either the mouthpiece has more natural complexity of tone, or just that the player has warmed up to it. Either way, it’s clearly the choice in a ‘one size fits all’ mouthpiece situation like I have where I’m covering ’50’s jazz and top 40 in the same set…

    Thanks for making this test Steve – your playing is excellent by the way… I can’t tell you how many of these listening tests I’ve heard (even from microphone companies) where the player has a lousy sound. Yours is terrific!

  5. The Ponzol Gold M2 has the best all around sound, good luck trying to find one.

  6. Avatar Thiago Ismael says

    I liked so much the third one M2 SS, nice and clear sound, bigger sound!! the M1 one seems so shy..

  7. Avatar MRodrigues says

    Hello Steve,
    You could compare M2 Stainless vs Barone SNY??

    Much Respect Your Work. You are a great musician.
    Thank you.

  8. Avatar Gabriel Labbe - Silva says

    Hi Steve ! Direct to the point . I love Ponzol Tenor Mouthpieces . This is my votation: M1 G 4 stars / Ponzol M2 G 5 stars/ POnzol M2 Stainless 5 ** stars .

  9. Avatar Jeff Lambert says

    M1 sound is more to my taste. I describe it as fuller.

  10. What are the chamber sizes of these pieces? Ponzol website doesn’t really say either.

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