Theo Wanne Metal Parvati 7* Tenor Mouthpiece

I received this in the same trial package as the wood Parvati tenor mouthpiece.  This is a metal Parvati tenor mouthpiece with a 7* tip opening. It was hard for me to figure out which one I like better….the wood or the metal.  Can you tell a difference from listening to the clips?  Both mouthpieces played great and had there own unique qualities.  The metal mouthpiece had the same lushness as the wood.

Theo Wanne Metal Parvati 7* Tenor Mouthpiece

Everything about these mouthpiece says “quality” and they  play great.  Full, dark, and lush sound.  I wish I could spend more time with them but I knew the person after me was probably dying to try them so I sent them off.

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. I felt like I played on an Otto Link with overdrive: great depth, sound and response, combined with volume and edge: the mouthpiece is what you want it to be and that without much effort!

  2. Avatar Jim Ritter says

    I am playing on my second metal Parvati. Sold the first and regretted it soon afterwords. It is a great piece that is a backup for my Florida Link.

  3. Avatar Mats Granath says

    I’ve been listening to almost every soundclip on this lovely blogg. A great place for searching after new mpc to try. I’m a tenor player since 30 years and every 5 year or so I try some new pieces. Currently playing a Jodyjazz ESP 8(always with the spoiler)witch I really like but I’m looking for something a little bit brighter and more focused. Before that a Ponzol “super”105, a nice mpc but not enough freeblowin and also a bit dark for my taste.
    Before that a Guardala MB II. I found that piece too bright and I also had some problems with the low register on my old Selmer BA(1947)with the Guardala.
    There is so many parameters when you trying to find a new piece that’s got both the sound and the playability you want. I would consider myself a bright guy. Therefore I was surprised when in this soundclip I heard the long tone in the beginning: BOOM! That’s the sound I want!! Focused, not to bright, not to dark! I find it a bit strange since i’m looking for something a bit brighter than my Jodyjazz ESP and the Parvati is considered a really dark, low baffle piece, right? Unfortunately Theo doesn’t make them anymore. So now I’m confused what to try next. I have never get along with Links. Find them dull, hard to play, to much resistance, no good altissimo and so on.
    Here’s some mpc’s I consider at the moment:
    -TheoWanne Durga 8
    -Guardala MB I (German style..)
    Neff, any experience of these, or any suggestions of something else?
    Thanks for a great blogg!!

    • Mats,
      Thanks! I’m glad you like the site. Finding that perfect mouthpiece can be hard, I understand. I’m thinking that if you found the MB II too bright then you would find the MB I even brighter. The Durga is a great piece and as I remember it is fatter sounding than a typical Guardala type sound. I used to have a JodyJazz ESP and I too played it with the spoiler. I played it for a year or two back about 10-12 years ago. It sounded good but I wanted a little more character in my sound if you know what I mean. I think the LAW Buzzer piece was a great alternative also but he stopped making those………… It seems like you are more of a metal guy. The brighter Navarro pieces are great pieces to try. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, Steve

  4. Avatar Mats Granath says

    Thanks for a fast reply and tip on mpc to try! Trying to buy a used Parvati from eBay in this moment. Just for curiosity: I thought MB I was darker sounding than the MB II? There’s a YouTube clip from a guy called Mojo-something, where you can watch him turning a MB II into a MB I by making the baffle shorter and also round the sidewalls out a bit. Two things that would make the piece sound a little bit darker, or what? Then there is also the German site from a Guardala- maker that talks about the MB I as a balanced mpc made for mainstream jazz. They also state that the MB I is an EXACT replica of the piece Michael played…so, I guess you never get to know what’s true to yourself before you actually try the mpc for yourself.

    • Mats, Maybe I’m confused then……It’s hard to keep track of which model is which. I always thought the MB I was like a studio and more like early Brecker and the MB II was like the piece Brecker played on in the 90’s. Maybe my memory is wrong…………

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