Peter Ponzol “Vintage” SS Tenor Mouthpiece

I received this in the mail today along with the Ponzol M2. This is a Stainless Steel mouthpiece  made by Peter Ponzol called the “Vintage” model.   It is at a .105 tip opening.  It does play with a darker sound than other Ponzol tenor mouthpieces I have played.   Very even from top to bottom.  It has a nice sound but I think I prefer the M2 if I was going to get one.

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Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site


  1. Hey Steve,

    Joel Frahm here. I always enjoy your mouthpiece review clips, and have listened to most of your tenor mouthpiece reviews. I have to say, this stainless steel Ponzol clip surprised me with its relative warmth and darkness and ease. Just my two cents, but I thought you really sounded especially good on this piece. I might have to go try one out!!

    Nice playing, as always.

    • Hi Joel, Great to hear from you. I was just listening to an album you are on this morning on iTunes . I believe the album was by Ari Erev? Great playing……….. I had to go back and listen to that clip. I agree that it was easy to play and on the darker side of things. Ponzols are such reliable pieces. I don’t think I have ever played a bad one in my life. I’m glad players like you come by the site and find it useful. Thanks, Steve

  2. Avatar Atanas Atanasov says

    I have Vintage Ponzol and I fully agree with Joel Frahm,who happens to be one of my favorite contemporary saxophinists and maybe that’s why I share his opinion on the Vintage.It’s a great mouthpiece and now Im looking to buy for alto and soprano,both will be Ponzols.Amazingly crafted too.Get a Ponzol and there would be no surprises,that’s all I can say!After so many mps,maybe the only one I liked as much was a Cresent Guardala.I strongly recomend having a CNC machined mp instead of ”the surprises” of so-called hand made.Cheers!

  3. Avatar bob rockwell says

    Would you sell me this mouthpiece?
    Enjoy your website very much.
    Bright Moments,
    Bob Rockwell

    • Hi Bob, I don’t own this mouthpiece. Sorry. I can’t even remember where I got it from to review it when I did. Steve

  4. Avatar Bob Rockwell says

    I now own one- the stainless steel 105 vintage- i love it. depending on the the gig, I
    play this or the stainless steel 105 M2. I play Legere 2.75 Signature on the M2 and Legere 2.50
    Signature on the Vintage. I am very happy to have these. Play Great!!
    Bob Rockwell

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