“Live” Freddie Gregory Mark IV 7** Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

This is a live clip from a gig I did a number of years ago. I play a tenor solo using the Freddie Gregory Mark IV 7** hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece I had.  The mouthpiece is made of hard rubber with a medium high long baffle in it that slopes down into the chamber. This mouthpiece gets my vote for being one of the more versatile mouthpieces I’ve played. It can be brighter and wailin’ or you can lay back on it and get a great jazz tone.  The tune is  a funky rendition of “Use Me”.

Steve About Steve

Steve Neff has been playing and teaching saxophone and jazz improvisation around the New England area for the last 30 years. He is the author of many effective jazz improvisation methods as well as founding the popular jazz video lesson site Neffmusic.com.


  1. Fantastic, very good! How can I buy a similar mouthpiece?

    • Giuseppe, Unfortunately, Freddie Gregory died since the time of this mouthpiece clip. The only way to get a mouthpiece like this these days is to find a used one online somewhere but it probably will be pretty expensive. Steve

  2. Thanks, but I was joking … I know they can not be found and, if you find them, who knows how they sound; otherwise why would one sell it if it sounds good?

  3. Why someone would sell a Freddie Gregory is cos they can’t help trying new mouthpieces or are in search of something else, or have found something else. After all, by the time you’ve combined the variables of you, the neckand the sax, there are an awful lot of variables!

    Just ask Steve!

    I bought a mark iv recently and it’s the best mouthpiece I’ve ever played, period. It’s made by a genius. Someone liked something else better and it made sense for him to realise $850 selling it to me. Best money I’ve ever spent expensive though it undoubtedly is.

    My LAW LCD 7*comes close.

    Nothing else comes even vaguely close to my ear, for what I want to sound like.

  4. I could jokingly reply that, when those who sell Freddy Gregory have found something better, let me know and I will buy just that “something better” directly. Naturally joking, “better” depends on personal taste; however, come on, if I had a piece of the fantastic era, while always looking for something new that still stimulate me and give me new sensations, I would keep it anyway, I would keep either the Gregory, or other beautiful piece that is, and also the new that I like; on the other hand, they are high prices, but they certainly do not cost like an apartment! If, however, on the other hand, the quoted piece that I possess I found it, even if quoted, not perfect, then I would sell it even without finding anything better!
    In fact, I also tell you: “Just ask Steve!”:
    If I understand, he collects “all” his pieces that he likes, he does not sell them every time he finds a new one!
    There is no MPC that sounds better: every good MPC can like me for something different!
    I would only sell one if I did not like it any more; otherwise I keep the old and buy the new one! Am I wrong?
    Excuse my english.

  5. Your English is amazing Giuseppe!

    Steve does sell quite a few.

    I’m with you.

    I’ll never sell my perfect Freddie Gregory. It feels precious and I feel lucky to own it.

    But I’m not a jobbing musician…

  6. Avatar Giuseppe says

    Thank you; I help myself with the translator. Here, if you would never sell it, I would gladly buy your Gregory! If you do not sell it, it means it’s excellent!
    You are a nice person, thanks for having exchanged ideas with me!

  7. Avatar Giuseppe says

    I forgot: unfortunately, I am only, at least for now, an amateur musician (advanced II).!

  8. I’ve got a Freddie Gregory refaced Florida Link and it’s so good that I fear I may end up spending some money on one of his own mouthpieces in the future

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